• Tamara Reeves

The Need for Flexibility

Like most of the world, I am beginning the transition of closing out 2020 tasks and am trying to open my mind to the needs I have as a person, as a mother, and as a business owner for 2021. The biggest lesson I have had to learn in 2020 is to be flexible. I have had to add on supports to increase sanitization in my office here at KFH in response to COVID, as has the rest of the world. I have also had to adjust to unexpected exposures and how to handle them. Although I have lost two family members this year to complications from the virus, so far I have tested negative. It is something I am thankful for as I continued to grieve those lost around me.

With efforts to turn my gaze toward 2021, I have added on a resources page to my site. It includes agencies within the Greater Oklahoma City area that I have worked with at some point, as well as online resources. Some recommendations also come from you as my clients, based on your experiences with other professionals. I will continue to add on to this page to increase all of our toolboxes.

There are also a number of personal areas to keep in mind as we finish the year. I keep a number of apps on my phone to help me ground myself, such as reminders to engage in deep breathing at least once a day, a gratitude app to help me focus on the good around me, and a devotional app to help me challenge difficult thoughts with a focus on my beliefs and values. I also try to take time to connect with my support network, and find ways to incorporate movement into each day. All of these things help me to find balance in a very hectic world. I hope that you can find your mixture.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

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