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On-Going Changes with COVID-19 and Our Children

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

March of 2020 brought on significant changes for Oklahoma Schools, and schools around the world due to COVID-19. While it led to abrupt changes for children and adolescents as a whole, it also significantly disrupted services for children who were receiving additional supports. On-going surges in cases also made it difficult to reengage in services during the subsequent summer months. Now that things are slowing down and we as a community are working to develop some normalcy, I hope that you have also found a provider that is ready to reengage in this journey with you. If not, here are some things to think about:

Make the Call

If you have not reached out to your previous provider for speech, occupational therapy or psychotherapy services, make the attempt to do so. Slots fill up quickly as the school year begins and so if your slot was being held you want to let that organization know you are ready to start again.

Need for New Services

If the service provider has lower availability, you might have to seek new services. Working with your child's pediatrician is helpful during this transition, as they often have trusted partners they can provide as a recommendation for you. If your child was engaged in speech, physical therapy or occupational therapy services, you would also need a referral depending on how many units you have remaining or if a new provider is needed.

Need to Reassess

Given the length of time many were without academic and therapeutic supports at the previous level, some children have demonstrated some additional difficulties. If so, there may be a need for an updated evaluation to help with initiating services. In general, your child/adolescent should have an updated evaluation every two years, but insurance will also cover it if it every year. Please check with your insurance carrier if you feel this step may be necessary.


Do you have questions about this process? Please feel free to contact me. I am happy to talk through any questions or concerns you may have.

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