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Facing Monday

This day CAN be met with hope and positive expectations...

I have come to dread Mondays. For me, it is a time that I wake, work to get administrative tasks completed, and prepare for the coming week. These tasks usually include those for work, and those for my parenting responsibilities. It can be hectic. To face this day with more "hope", I have put a number of strategies into place.

Master Calendar: I have started using a monthly calendar for all major events. At the outset of each month, I sit down with my kids academic calendar, work responsibilities and volunteer responsibilities and schedule things out. Seeing this information visually helps me to know where open slots may be and during which weeks I need to say "no" to additional tasks.

Devotion: I start each day with reading a devotional. If you are not a spiritual person, this could instead be a time where you take 10-15 minutes to take deep breaths, center yourself and reflect just in that moment. To ensure I am resting my body and not allowing anxious thoughts to come into play, I also focus more on what things I can be grateful for in that moment, time, and space.

Changing What I Can: At any given time, we face things that feel impossible to change. In those moments I break down the problem into parts and focus on those components that are "changeable". This allows me to put specific strategies into place. For those components that are not, I find ways to cope with them through reflection, looking at factors that may have led to me being in this space and time, and through reaching out to my sources of support.

Sources of Support: I have learned that active, positive sources of support are vital. This does not mean that I need to see or speak to that person daily. But, it does mean that I need to have a network that I can feed positivity into, and that includes people that seek ways to feed positivity and growth into my life as well. The energy that comes from this network breaths light into my life.


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