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Coping During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed our way of life and has also led to an increase in stress and worry. There is hope, as long as we are active and stay on top of our emotional and physical health. The CDC is a great site to use to stay on top of ways to keep yourself safe when you are out and cannot practice social distancing. While at home and away from others, consider the following:

Find Ways to Refocus:

  • Find ways to refocus on the things that you can do safely with your family: board games, make a family dance, do some spring cleaning and make a quilt with your kids of outgrown clothing, do yard games

  • Make sure you are using reliable information, second hand information can often be skewed

  • Many businesses are making use of phone and telehealth options to allow people to maintain social distancing. If you have to go in for an appointment contact them to see if this is an option

· You can use the drive thru for those favorite meals or use a pick up option

Find Ways to Center:

  • With more down time this is a great time to reset your sleeping schedule if it is off, this helps to protect your immune system

  • Deep breathing helps to reduce tension and increases focus: headspace is a great app, this is also a great time to put your spiritual practices into place. Prayer is a great way to refocus negative energy. You can also start a Bible study with others through the Bible App to create community.

  • Use a gratefulness journal to focus on the good around you

  • Read a book

  • Get lost in a television great series

  • Taking short walks in between rain spells

  • Garden to reconnect with nature

  • Exercise is another way to protect your immune system! Find a YouTube channel that allows you to do quick exercise sessions to release physical tension from your body while in the house

  • Avoid isolation! Maintain relationships through social media, texting, emails, and video chats

  • Find a way to refocus on ways to help vulnerable populations. You might check with local centers and/or nursing homes to see what things might help to pick their communities up during the quarantine when they cannot visit with their loved ones.


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